Since 2006, Cinetix Films specializes in filming of all kinds. From web to TV, all productions are done in-house or in partnership.

Freelance director, creative and dreamer, technical guru and lover of the 7th art, Olivier Chagnon is an expert in video production and advertising.

It's with a passion for cinema that all projects are meticulously executed. .

Films Production
Short films · Documentaries

From short films to documentaries, Cinetix Films presents independent works.
The company works on projects both internally and in partnership.


short films

Currently filming short films for the "Fais ton cinema" 2023-2024 edition.

feature films

Filming completed for "AN ORPHHAN A VAMPIRE STORY".

web videos

Cinetix Films offers its services in producing web video capsules shot in a cinematic style.

TV, Netflix, YouTube

Production services for television commercials, on Netflix (new), or for a YouTube campaign.

Web, TV

A documentary project is currently in the feasibility study stage.

corporatif, événements

Since 2006, Cinetix Films has been offering its services in video production of all kinds.

The art of Cinema
an idea that goes from paper to the big screen

The passion for cinema that drives Olivier Chagnon, the owner of Cinetix Films, is passed on to all the new young and older individuals alike!
Sharing knowledge and being open to new talent are elements of pride for the company.

“Well, I really want to encourage a kind of fantasy, a kind of magic. I love the term magic realism, whoever invented it – I do actually like it because it says certain things. It's about expanding how you see the world. I think we live in an age where we're just hammered, hammered to think this is what the world is. Television's saying, everything's saying 'That's the world.' And it's not the world. The world is a million possible things.” - Terry Gilliam


Cinetix Films is currently filming 5 short films in collaboration with Productions MegaMix as part of the "Fais ton cinema" project that offers high school students from the south shore of Montreal the opportunity to participate both in front of and behind the camera. The project is directed by Olivier Chagnon.

The filming of the movie "AN ORPHAN A VAMPIRE STORY" is now complete! Coming soon to web streaming.

Full team available for
foreign productions

Cinetix Films offers its services to build a full team of technicians for foreign productions wishing to film in Quebec and Canada. Quebec is recognized as a place filled with talent and expertise in technical matters by our cinema artisans, members of AQTIS-514-IASTE.


Olivier Chagnon

Freelance Director, member ARRQ.

Katia Cioce

Assistant director and videographer.

Steve Vallée